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 A lot of people have been doing a meme of 10 things about their various Sims characters. Different people have tagged me to do different characters. I'm probably going to do this a few at a time so I get through this and so it isn't unduly long. Also, I may not be able to think of 10 different things about all these characters, or maybe they're things that I thought I've already said, so please forgive me in advance.

[ profile] dicreasy tagged me to do Parsifal, and[ profile] dgjamie  tag me to do Gawaine,  so I'll start with those two, since they're twins.

1.  There is absolutely no way to tell whether Gawaine or Parsifal was born first. I'm pretty sure it was Gawaine.  However, he decided he was born first, so that is the end of that.

2.  Gawaine thinks, correctly, that he is  named after the best knight in the world. This is because I am a Gawaine fan. I'm one of those people who read and loved Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight and who thinks that Gawain gets a bad deal in Malory's Morte d'Arthur and in The Once and Future King. I'm not the only person who feels this way; Gerald Morris certainly does. In fact, all five boys in that generation are named after some of Morris's favorite knights: Gawaine, Parsifal, Palomides, and Kai.   I would've named one of them Dinadan,  whom Morris really likes, but I couldn't because Dinadan  is their father! Anyway, if you want to read up on why I chose those names, I can definitely recommend Morris's YA  series, The Squire's Tales.

3.  Gawain's initial attitude about being the eldest was that he was the first and therefore the best and therefore should get the first and the best of everything. Fortunately, he grew up about this, and developed the idea that privilege has its responsibilities.

4.   Gawaine is tough and extroverted; Parsifal  is shy and sweet. They balance each other very well. It's a good thing that Gawaine insisted on being the leader. He really is a natural leader.

5. While Parsifal talks a lot about purity of heart and moral uprightness, Gawaine tolerates this and even likes him for it because Parsifal  totally means it. There is not a hypocritical bone in Percy's body.

6.  It never occurred to either of them to jostle for being heir  or to complain that the legacy is single-sex inherits. They understand, correctly, that as male spares, they have a job to do, which is to see that their sister Elaine succeeds. Until she was born, they didn't have a lot to do, so they could fool around and fight in a halfhearted way and be rivals. Once Elaine came along, all of that stopped.

7.   Both of them feel an almost crushing sense of responsibility for Elaine. This wasn't necessarily a good thing for Elaine. They took over the spot that helicopter parents usually take up. 

8.  Watching Elaine get engaged to the wrong person and then suffer extreme heartbreak was a tough lesson for them. Gawaine really thought it was his own fault;  that he could have prevented it somehow. Percy felt that he  should have understood her better or provided more moral support, or better moral support. Either way, they've tried to learn  from it. 

9. Yes, they are obsessed with being knights. Don't laugh. They're not the first boys to pretend to be Arthurian knights or to become obsessed with it, or otherwise Ren Faires would go out of business. And since it's made them better people, it's probably a good thing.

10.  Neither of them have had girlfriends yet.  They're late bloomers, but that really has more to do with me than with them. Surprisingly, Parsifal is more interested in girls than Gawaine is. Parsifal  Is like many another prissy male Goodytwoshoes and would not dream of courting a girl if he wasn't serious and didn't intend marriage.  Gawaine  just hasn't had time for that kind of thing.  He is too obsessed with arranging everybody else's life and love life to pay any attention to his own. The tables may be turned on him, however!

More later.

Date: 2010-07-21 09:36 pm (UTC)
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Much love for Gawaine and Parsifal. *snuggles them*


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