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 [ profile] peasant007 asked for me to do Lenore and Lytton, and since she's going away for a while, I thought I'd do them next.


1.  Lenore has her daddy Stanley Legacy's  unusual chocolate brown eyes.

2.  She is actually less gothy than I intended. 

3.  Part of Lenore's self-confidence comes from the fact that she's an only child in a huge household of grown-ups, plus a servo. She's used to being the center of attention, within reason.

4.  Another part of her self-confidence is because they're so much variety in her household. There is one ex-vampire,  one vampire, one servo, one plant Sim,  and one werewolf. Also, her two great grandfathers are gay. So she's grown up expecting that she was going to get accepted no matter what, and that this applied to everybody else.

5.  There is one exception to this. She is not so keen on her mother dating anybody but her father. The one time this happened while she was there, she cried. After that, Carmilla made certain that it never happened while she was in the house: why upset her daughter unnecessarily?

6.  Lenore is secretly a bit old-fashioned and sentimental. It's not right on the surface, but this is one reason why she gets along so well with Zane.  If she weren't, the relationship wouldn't work very well.

7.  The reason she cut Zane a little slack when he acted like a dork was because he's really been an exceptionally great boyfriend ever since they got together in high school.  You don't hand somebody their hat after one honest well-meaning mistake  if they apologize. At least, that's the way she looks at it.

8.  She and Zane have three bolts. They are disgustingly stalky.

9.  She is, however, a bit on the grouchy side.

10.  She enjoyed gardening more than anyone else at the Goodygirls sorority. I don't know if that has anything to do with family Sim coding, but by the time she graduated, she had a gold gardening badge.


1.  Lytton hero worshiped his older brother Cecil his whole childhood and most of the way through college. It's important to remember that Cecil is the closest thing he had to a father.

2.  He also realizes that Cecil isn't always so tightly tied.

3.  Lytton always wants to think the best of everybody,  and this is especially true of his own family. He's also deeply committed to the truth, or he wouldn't be a historian. These two things don't go together very well.

4.  I've exaggerated Lytton's speech impediment to a certain extent, but when he becomes flustered trying to reconcile these two ideas, and when he's on the verge of admitting something unpleasant about somebody, especially Cecil, his brain shorts out a bit. This can result in a stammering effect,  as he searches for words that are both kindly and true and sometimes fails to come up with any.

5.  Lytton is partly modeled on the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. He is a chronic nervous worrier.

6.  In fact, both he and his brothers owe  a lot to my having read Victorian fiction when I should've been doing other things. Cecil is Gothic:  not emo Gothic  but real Victorian Gothic Gothic.   De Beers  is more closely related to art; Lytton is a bit more Dickensian than that,  which accounts for his compulsive adoration of Christmas. 

7.  Lytton is probably more like me than any of my other characters.

8.  Unlike me,  he is a raging sentimentalist. He is also a Family Sim's  Family Sim. He is a Cancer, and I've often noted that Cancer Family Sims are Family Sims plus.

9.  The finger steepling  is another nervous mannerism. He's very shy, and he's much happier among his books unless he knows somebody extremely well.   This is exaggerated when someone points a camera at him. It's too bad, because otherwise he would make a really good narrator. He would be the Alastair Cooke of my legacy.

10.  Have I mentioned that he's extremely devoted to his family? The major exception to his shyness is his ability to act as an advocate for the younger members of his family. He's been willing to stand up to people, even to his brother Cecil, when the well-being of his nieces or his grandnephew is concerned.   Cecil knows this, which is one reason he sent Max to talk to Lytton.  Cecil is capable of teaching self-discipline, but Lytton has taught Max nearly everything he knows about kindness and compassion. He's made a big difference in a lot of people's lives.
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