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 [ profile] lauriempress asked for the 10 things meme for Max, and [ profile] leilia  asked for one for Max/SJ, so let's take care of both of them! Sorry about how long this took.  It took forever, and it doesn't help that my dictation software doesn't seem to understand anything I dictate anymore.

 Generic Max:

1. Max has got his father's nose. He actually doesn't look very much like  Cecil or Cecilia. He's also got his father's personality: very neat, very serious, and very active. 
2.  He doesn't have much of a sense of humor or fun. That's certainly true of his character as written, but it's also true of the way he acts in game.  As for his character, life has been serious business since he was a child, and Cecil is a very tough grandfather as well. 
3.  Cecil has been trying to encourage a sense of restraint in Max, with only moderate success. Max is naturally  a very passionate person with strong wants, and his first inclination as a child was to lose his temper or express himself too strongly, without giving any thought to the consequences. Cecil is not the only person who had to try to tell him to tone it down: Lytton did as well, on the grounds that it  might get him killed. With good reason, as it turned out.
4. In game, his first LTW was Criminal Mastermind. He still usually rolls Criminal Mastermind, Mad Scientist, or Chief of Staff, all of which suit him.
5.  The boys at the Goodytwoshoes fraternity still roll wants  for him to come over, be friends with, and talk with them.
6.  I did in fact consider getting him together with Lucy, but that's not going to happen for a variety of reasons–see below.
7. Like a lot of very smart people, he's not especially happy. Or  wasn't.
8. When his father died, he had to fast-forward directly from being a child to being an adult.  This means he had practically no childhood and no adolescence.  Even if other things hadn't occurred (see below), he isn't very well suited for white picket fence-dom. The appearance of his father's ghost and the improvement of his mother's health has given him some freedom he never had before.
9.  Max is careless about his body.  He tends to forget to put on protective gear, especially on his hands.  He'll pick up something hot, burn himself, shake his hand, and then do it again.  He'll use various bits of his body to catch things or stop doors and then be surprised about where the bruises came from.  He'll intentionally avoid sleep, and he sometimes forgets to eat.  This is the result partly of Grandpapa's training to avoid giving in to the weaknesses of the flesh and partly because until recently, he just didn't care.
10. His theme song is "Wall of Death," by Richard Thompson.  This song has wrongly been characterized as being about suicide, but it's actually about (depending on who you talk to) about the sort of ride that pins you to the side of an enormous wheel by means of centrifugal force while the floor drops out OR about the motorcycle stunt that involves driving straight around the inside of a circular wall at an angle of 90 degrees or more and sometimes in a complete upside-down 360 degrees.  Either way, it's got a lot of carnival imagery.  Secretly, Max LIVES for adrenaline.  


[ profile] docnerd covered a lot of these, but here goes:

1.  This started as a joke, of course, but once I thought about it, it made all kinds of  sense.
2.  Why did he not have any relationships before? He never thought about it before.  Max has been like a kamikaze pilot.   He did not expect to live beyond his 21st birthday. It would've been pretty selfish  to drag someone else into it.
3.  If he noticed anyone else, I don't think he would ever admitted it, even to himself,  and he's fairly detached from his own physicality--see above.
4. Some people have speculated that Max is an individualsexual,  or however you want to put that. That's not precisely true.  Max has been obsessed with death since he was a small child, and SJ is--well, let's not go there, but he definitely looks like an angel on a funerary monument.  MMM.
5. Why not Lucy?  Here's why not: in terms of plot,  it made sense for Max to get together with whoever was responsible for resolving his issues with death and with his father. Originally,  my plan was to have Lucy loan him her family's bone phone.  Then I decided that Secundus shouldn't come back  from the  dead. I thought it would be better for him to see his father's ghost. Then I  thought of the idea of having  Spider Jerusalem  bringing back his father's urn. Having him get together with Spider Jerusalem  was a logical next step.
6.  Does he or doesn't he?  Yeah, he does, but he's not going to admit it.  It wouldn't be proper.  Or sensible.  Or--
7.  Let's just say that he's had enough loss in his life for several lifetimes.
8. Spider Jerusalem has blown Max apart.  Really apart.  This is a guy who barely could taste things before. And--
9.  Max is a very passionate person with strong wants who lives for adrenaline.  See above.
10.  As far as I'm concerned, they're at least one of my Legacy Sim OTPs.
10a.  And as far as SC is concerned, if it ain't canon, it might as well be. Your mileage may vary.
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