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 For [ profile] sim_spiration .

Prompt:  Lytton Goodytwoshoes
Published? Truly? )
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 I may have mentioned that I'm playing my legacy a bit out of the usual order--and probably differently than I will write it, as I needed to make absolutely sure I finished Gen 10.  Now I'm going back and playing a few things, among them Gawaine's graduation party.

Let's keep it Python! )
And so he did.
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Cross-posted from [ profile] sim_spiration , and a bit tidier.

To:  Messrs Scuffle and Dustcough, Esq., Attorneys at Law

Dear Sirs:


It is my unpleasant duty to remind you of the obligations attendant upon you.

As you are aware, I have retained your firm on a permanent basis in order to take immediate legal action in all cases including, but not limited to, copyright, patent, property infringement, barratry, soccage-in-fief, liability, damages, etc. Until recently, I have had little cause to regret this arrangement.

I have become aware, however, that my name, and that of my family, has become tarnished in various print media in international markets.  I believe this is colloquially termed the “multiverse.”   I read, for example, in the Roman press, with some surprise, that I have contracted a matrimonial alliance with a lady supposedly nearly related to me.  My brother Lytton informed me, in great distress, that a person greatly resembling me, and purporting to be me, was featured in a lengthy television program originating in Terra Lostundo, a soi-disant “reality series” of the “bachelor challenge” variety.  If I understood him correctly through his severe stammer, he was extremely concerned that I had “lost.”  I have been reported to be in various romantic entanglements and even in a number of institutions for the restoration of the mental faculties.  I scarcely wish to acknowledge the scandalous material in circulation about my grandson Maximilian.

Bluntly put, this nuisance must cease.  If I do not make my movements publicly known, you can be certain that in no way do I acknowledge them to have taken place or not to have taken place or that the person assuming my identity is not connected, or unconnected, to me at any time or, of course, the reverse.  I must insist on the scrupulous defense of my good name and that of my family by means of aggressive lawsuits.

It is scarcely unreasonable to have higher expectations of one’s legal advisors in return for a monthly retainer that is, on reflection, exorbitant.  I trust I will not find it necessary to put my affairs in other hands.


I am, respectfully, etc.,

Cecil Goodytwoshoes

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 Some days just aren't going to be great. This, I'm afraid, is one of them, and it's partly my own fault for aggravating my wrists and pulling some muscles.  On days like that, you're grateful when a few things go right.  So you get some outtakes.

Spoilery for the 4/18/2010 chapter of Squeaky Clean.

+28 pictures )

I have a few more things to say, but in closing, I can only say this:

Max:  I fear Grandpapa's clock is never going to be the same.
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 Sigh.  I lost a little bit of time to a glitch.  I've been trying to put some serious time into playing, and I almost got the kittens grown up.  ALMOST. Turns out there's a day left.  For some reason, kittens take forever to do anything.  I'd like to get them grown up and then give them away or sell them to playables.  (Must remember to register each of them as a breed, too.  It's been a while since I did that!)  Kittens also glitch and need to be deleted and then rescued from the mailbox, alas.

So have some outtakes!  Most of these are Cecil/Cecilia/Max pictures, because there is nothing like shooting a funeral to make sims act really silly.  

Lots more picspam, and strange behavior at funerals. )

Aw, frankly, he's still my favorite.  He may be thoroughly unpleasant, but he's mine.  

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 I don't really have Behind the Scenes pictures so much, because I don't stage too much.  I think of these more as blooper reels.  But whatever you want to call them, here are some from the last two chapters.

Picspam! )
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 Dear Mom and Dad: )
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 A marriage has been arranged

And will shortly take place 

between Miss Lenore Midlock

and Mr. Zane Marius-Jacquet

The groom's father, Mr. Gilbert Jacquet of J'Adore Patisserie

plans an artery-clogging cake.
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 There was an interesting thread last night in Sim_Secret, leading to some interesting discussion on various communities.  Basically, the discussion was about story warnings and whether or not those ought to include portrayals of same-sex relationships.  I wanted to share a few thoughts and see what other people thought, too.

More below the cut. )

There are a few exceptions, which I'm not going to get into here: they are a whole different kettle of fish.  But yeah, even in my Squeaky Clean little world, there are going to be some gay and bi people and they are going to lead happy, fulfilled lives as much as anybody else.  

Warning:  Equal Opportunity Happy Endings.
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Squeaky Clean Legacy, 17.3: De Profundis, Part TWo
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 Multipurpose, OMG.  This is both for [ profile] maxis_taste 's Dare #15  (do a date with one or more Maxis playables) AND a birthday gift for my friend[ profile] orikes13  and ALSO for Valentine's Day.  

I play [ profile] marhis 's reversed-gender Pleasantview, aka Weivtansealp.  It's my Legacy neighborhood, but this time, you won't see any of my Legacy Sims.  I give you instead the gender-reversed versions of Lilith Pleasant and Dirk Dreamer:  Lionel and Dionne.

Up to something? Who? Me? )

Hope you enjoyed!  And once again, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Orikes.  They are like this even without ACR :)
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 I really NEED to be commenting on portfolios now.  Six before bed, and I really mean it this time.

After this.

These are just plain outtakes, but they amused the heck out of me.

(Also spoilery for 17.2, obviously.)

Picspam, or they never behave themselves --- )

Next update after a lot of commenting on portfolios and Boolprop comments and commenting on graduate papers and cleaning and  . . . 

I give up, I have no idea when I'll be able to do the next update, but that's ok.  I'm sure you're all totally all right with that cliffhanger and won't mind if it's unresolved for a looooong time.

Hee, hee!
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This is VERY spoilery for 17.2. You don't want to look at this before you read the new update.  I'll be posting some regular outtakes as well.

Let's start with some Weivtnasealp meta, shall we?
Longish meta and pics under the cut! )

Sorry, Zane!  We NEED the Batbox and all those posing hacks!  Aren't you glad I fixed your face?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the meta!  Plain old picspam later.  I should get back to commenting on portfolios.  I am WAY behind, plus I owe a nice comment on the BRRL.  Jamie's new episode is great.
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Please feel free to comment here, or on the new Boolprop if you are a member and feel comfortable with that.
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Some stuff is just awkward.

Like being slow and PHAIL at photoediting.

Or this.


Happy birthday anyway!


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