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Yeah, I have been working at the Legacy.  Actually, got Sophia almost all the way through senior year last night.  I had to stop because work took precedence in the way it should have all weekend but didn't.  This is the last two weeks of school, which means we have all kinds of final meetings.  We have to have them now or forever hold our peace, at least till September.  After exam week I will have more time to play, and I may hold off updating until then.  I want to make sure I get this next chapter or so just right, since it's taken almost a year to get here. 
Sim stuff and cat pix. )

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TWO new cats!  At least I think I have two.  One is hiding.

I went to Petco where the local place, Cats in Need, has an adoption day.  I guess it's hard for them to place black cats, and it's hard for them to place tortoiseshells, and it's hard to place bonded pairs, cats that are two for one deals.

So I got a black and tortie bonded pair.  :)  Their names are Marbles and Marko--for now.  I always thought TS Eliot was right about letting cats name themselves, so no doubt they'll tell me later.

My tortie girl is sooo sweet and affectionate.  She was a bit scared but she's been home for about four hours, and not only is she out from behind the sofa and getting lots of cuddles, she has the rips now.  She's actually doing that Pounce thing Sim cats do.  So in less than twenty four hours, I predict that everything in the house will be hers and she'll just be letting me use it.  I can't see her with a name like Marbles permanently.  She'll probably wind up with a name like Bathilde.

Marko is hiding.  He's a lovely black boy with big yellowy orange, almost copper, eyes.

Anyway, this will probably slow down the next update, but I figure you guys won't mind.



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