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 There was an interesting thread last night in Sim_Secret, leading to some interesting discussion on various communities.  Basically, the discussion was about story warnings and whether or not those ought to include portrayals of same-sex relationships.  I wanted to share a few thoughts and see what other people thought, too.

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There are a few exceptions, which I'm not going to get into here: they are a whole different kettle of fish.  But yeah, even in my Squeaky Clean little world, there are going to be some gay and bi people and they are going to lead happy, fulfilled lives as much as anybody else.  

Warning:  Equal Opportunity Happy Endings.
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 [ profile] peasant007  ran the Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test on her character Zane Devereaux, and was alarmed to see that he came up as a 91.  I think the test is flawed and the score was therefore artificially high, but just for larfs, I ran it on my character Cecil Goodytwoshoes.

Cecil scored a 21.  EDIT:  Whoops!  I forgot the De-Sueifiers!  20.

I wasn't all THAT surprised, but I thought I'd add a few comments, because some of this applies to Sims Stories in general.

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But most of the time, my characters in general have vices that match their virtues.  Sophia has a lot of energy and is very strong-willed; she's also a bit of a rebel and can get in trouble that way.  Is Lytton a quiet, studious, affectionate man who cares deeply about his family, or is he a geeky pushover with an overly idealistic view of human behavior?  Is Cecil admirably steadfast or irritatingly stubborn?  The behavior is the same, but what you think of it depends on who and where you are.


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