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Prompt: Character—Mercutio Monty
Mercutio Monty )
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 Multipurpose, OMG.  This is both for [ profile] maxis_taste 's Dare #15  (do a date with one or more Maxis playables) AND a birthday gift for my friend[ profile] orikes13  and ALSO for Valentine's Day.  

I play [ profile] marhis 's reversed-gender Pleasantview, aka Weivtansealp.  It's my Legacy neighborhood, but this time, you won't see any of my Legacy Sims.  I give you instead the gender-reversed versions of Lilith Pleasant and Dirk Dreamer:  Lionel and Dionne.

Up to something? Who? Me? )

Hope you enjoyed!  And once again, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Orikes.  They are like this even without ACR :)
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Just wanted to say that Yima on GOS was kind enough to turn Astiee's Extreme Skin : Sparkling Flesh into a vampire default. She made one using Sussi's Mirror Gold eyes, which you can find here--

and one made so that your vamp keeps the original eye color (presumably you could add contacts to your tiny heart's content). You can find that here.

It does not, of course, keep said sparklepires from frying in the sun just like Maxis vampires. In fact, I found that with motive decay off, vampires won't fry, but they still smoke and cringe at the sun.

I could not wait to test drive these, but I thought poor Ulysses had suffered enough. The last time I made him into a sparklepire, he killed himself in the sun, and I think Doc is right: he was trying to tell me something. So I thought it would be nice to try them out on somebody more familiar.

Like Daniel Pleasant.Sparkle and die, Daniel! Sparkle and die! )So if you're interested, use them for Good or Evil, your own definition applies.  Still, I think the skins are pretty darned cool, and they look way, way better in game--they really do sparkle.  



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