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 As requested by [ profile] orikes13 .  I can't promise that this will be the most illuminating thing you've ever read about Cecil. For one thing, I feel as though I've already said a lot of interesting things about Cecil, and there are  a number of things I would prefer to leave in the dark. However, such as they are, here they are.

Cecil-philes and -phobes alike, rejoice. )
 Is there really anybody left to tag?
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 [ profile] lauriempress asked for the 10 things meme for Max, and [ profile] leilia  asked for one for Max/SJ, so let's take care of both of them! Sorry about how long this took.  It took forever, and it doesn't help that my dictation software doesn't seem to understand anything I dictate anymore.

 Max and slash Max-- )
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 [ profile] peasant007 asked for me to do Lenore and Lytton, and since she's going away for a while, I thought I'd do them next.

Lenore )

Lytton )
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 A lot of people have been doing a meme of 10 things about their various Sims characters. Different people have tagged me to do different characters. I'm probably going to do this a few at a time so I get through this and so it isn't unduly long. Also, I may not be able to think of 10 different things about all these characters, or maybe they're things that I thought I've already said, so please forgive me in advance.

[ profile] dicreasy tagged me to do Parsifal, and[ profile] dgjamie  tag me to do Gawaine,  so I'll start with those two, since they're twins.

Gawaine and Parsifal )

More later.


Jul. 8th, 2008 08:39 pm
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De ([personal profile] fireflower314) did not ask me to do this meme, and I am sooooo hurt.

OK, not really. 
1. Pick a hot guy...take a moment to think.
2. Is this really the guy you want?
3. Pick his top 10 hottest, cutest, most irresistible pictures.
4. Tag 5 other users.

And I'm not going to tag anyone because she pretty much tagged everybody I would have tagged, unless someone would like to be tagged, in which case, consider yourself tagged.

Nevertheless. . . .

That is (fairly) easy.  After a brief consideration of Buster Keaton, I absolutely have *got* to pick Rudolph Valentino.  C'mon.  Not enough ladies swoon over the Sheik anymore, and I swear to you if I were any good at this I would totally make him into a Sim.  But heaven knows plenty of ladies swooned over him in his time.  And of course I have to pick Rudy.  I have a huge picture of him over my fireplace.

There is no such thing as an un-hot picture of Rudolph Valentino.  However, there are not *nearly* enough of them online, so these will have to do.  You get 17 photos, sorry, because I could not pick just ten.
Romance Sim swoon! )

And also, you get a bonus video, because really, to get it, you have to see him in action:

You really must see a whole film with him in it.

And I think I have demonstrated that I have excellent taste.



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