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 Some days just aren't going to be great. This, I'm afraid, is one of them, and it's partly my own fault for aggravating my wrists and pulling some muscles.  On days like that, you're grateful when a few things go right.  So you get some outtakes.

Spoilery for the 4/18/2010 chapter of Squeaky Clean.

+28 pictures )

I have a few more things to say, but in closing, I can only say this:

Max:  I fear Grandpapa's clock is never going to be the same.
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 Sigh.  I lost a little bit of time to a glitch.  I've been trying to put some serious time into playing, and I almost got the kittens grown up.  ALMOST. Turns out there's a day left.  For some reason, kittens take forever to do anything.  I'd like to get them grown up and then give them away or sell them to playables.  (Must remember to register each of them as a breed, too.  It's been a while since I did that!)  Kittens also glitch and need to be deleted and then rescued from the mailbox, alas.

So have some outtakes!  Most of these are Cecil/Cecilia/Max pictures, because there is nothing like shooting a funeral to make sims act really silly.  

Lots more picspam, and strange behavior at funerals. )

Aw, frankly, he's still my favorite.  He may be thoroughly unpleasant, but he's mine.  

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 I don't really have Behind the Scenes pictures so much, because I don't stage too much.  I think of these more as blooper reels.  But whatever you want to call them, here are some from the last two chapters.

Picspam! )
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 I really NEED to be commenting on portfolios now.  Six before bed, and I really mean it this time.

After this.

These are just plain outtakes, but they amused the heck out of me.

(Also spoilery for 17.2, obviously.)

Picspam, or they never behave themselves --- )

Next update after a lot of commenting on portfolios and Boolprop comments and commenting on graduate papers and cleaning and  . . . 

I give up, I have no idea when I'll be able to do the next update, but that's ok.  I'm sure you're all totally all right with that cliffhanger and won't mind if it's unresolved for a looooong time.

Hee, hee!


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