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Mostly for the amusement of [ profile] peasant007 , I thought I would post these pictures.

Those of you who are unfortunate enough to have Cecil in your neighborhoods know that he turns up everywhere, like the proverbial bad penny. Two Outgoing Points my eye; he does run bys, steals newspapers, and shows up on community lots. And his specialty is strolling into important shots, especially when he is supposed to be on a Mysterious Journey.

Slightly spoilery if you have not read the latest chapter of SC )

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I've been playing a lot lately, actually, I'm just really, really sloooow. And of course I do not want to spoil anything, but I do have a few pictures of the Gen Nine kiddos that I thought you would enjoy.
Picspam! )

I don't know how soon an update will happen.  I've been crazy busy but I did want to get a bit done before school starts next week.  I've also decided to play some of the reverse-Pleasantview families.  What's the point of having them if you're not going to play them?--plus maybe some of the kids will hit it off with the Legacy kids or the Romans, and at this point, I might as well send some of them to college.  The neighborhood is practically brand new, so the character bloat has hardly started yet.

I'm also almost done with a super-sekrit project.

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 I didn't get any sleep at all last night.  Some glitches and errors cropped up that had to be dealt with right away.  I spent all night fixing them.  Not panicking--fixing.  I was just afraid that if I went to sleep, I would forget what I had been doing. 7 am.  I'm wiped.  

Don't panic, in large friendly letters on the cover. )

And because it's boring to read a Sims glitch whine without pictures, have some minor picspam!  Consider it a teaser or a sidelight, what you will.

You may remember these guys.
I've been to a marvelous party. . .  )
Anyway, hope you enjoyed that!  The Uni households are in their final semester, and after a bit of dinking around, we're almost ready for some graduations and weddings.  There may be another chapter before the wedding one.  There are a few loose ends that it might be convenient to tie up separately, and a few amusing things, like Achilles doing a whole lot of makeovers. But I sure am ready for those weddings.  I can practically taste it.  

More pix

Nov. 3rd, 2008 10:08 pm
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Answer on who that kid was:
answer here! )



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