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Busy couple of days! I have a few days to Sim and get some spring cleaning and reorganizing done. If I sat down to do it on my own, I would probably put it off. This time I'm cleaning and organizing the only way I can do it: "Erg. I can't stand it like this anymore."

Real garden. . . ) 

On to pixel gardens! This is the lot for which my neighborhood nearly died. More accurately, it's the largely Maxis lot I built when I realized that it was way safer to build my new lot that way. I know it's very boxy and incomplete, but I think it's kind of pretty, too, and maybe it's a good thing I had to rebuild a few times, because I worked out the main setting.
Pixel gardens and goddesses. . . )With as much time as I lost, I figured I would cheat the last placeholder up fast. This is the last of the Marius boys, Oscar. He's Marina's grandson, my simself's great-grandson, and Cassidy's adoptive younger brother. Simself descendants ought to get a little LJ attention. And doesn't everyone enjoy a little toddler and kid spam?
More simself grandbaby pics. . . . )Penelope graduated!  Late last night, ZOMG.  With all the stuff going on, it feels like a miracle.  I'm going to play the boys up, and get some more houses ready for them, and get serious about those weddings.

BTW, what is the cheat for allowing more guests?  I'm calling them by phone right now, but it's a pain, and I'd like for Ulysses to have a roof raiser grad party.  And more guests seems to help.  

Hope you enjoyed the pics!



Sep. 18th, 2008 09:57 am
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Was playing the Legacy house (finally!) last night, and Penelope pre-rolled Knowledge. ( I usually roll before they teenify so I can use a number generator.)  Sigh.  I was hoping she'd roll Romance.  That would have been an interesting challenge.  On the plus side, the neighborhood is ill with Legacy Sims she could be happy with, so I suppose I should count my blessings. 

I WISH Free Time would come out for Mac already.  I'm worried it would bust my game, but on the other hand, Penelope would be so good with the artsy stuff in Free Time!  and some of the outfits suit her perfectly.

Ulysses teenified.  I think he's kind of cute, but that truly WILL happen in an update.

Achilles wandered out "following" Jack and then Sophia into deep snow and then got discouraged.  He was almost hidden.  Luckily he was tired and SOMEBODY thought to go and get him.  I was already directing him to Go Inside but wasn't sure he'd get there in time.

Appius had a plant baby.   I'm saving the pix, and if they don't go in an update, I'll post them here in an outtakes post. But here is one.

She's named Chloris, after the Greek Goddess of very early spring.  If you've ever seen Botticelli's La Primavera, she's the one on the far left with the flowers springing out of her mouth.  If she'd been a boy, she would have been named Zephyr.

Plant babies have practically no needs at all, except for a nearly constant desire to be cuddled.   They don't have to learn any skills.  And it looks as though they're born with a huge number of skill points.  Maybe that's because they go right from toddlerhood to adulthood and get little skilling time?  Don't know.  I have plans for Chloris, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to follow through with them, as plantsims need Love and she might not be able to handle living alone. 

Since plantsims mostly look alike to me, I might unplantsim her once she's an adult just long enough to get a couple of photos and then re-plantsim her. 

Anyway, I may actually make my original goal of getting Gen Eight to college before school starts next week. 



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