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This is VERY spoilery for 17.2. You don't want to look at this before you read the new update.  I'll be posting some regular outtakes as well.

Let's start with some Weivtnasealp meta, shall we?
Longish meta and pics under the cut! )

Sorry, Zane!  We NEED the Batbox and all those posing hacks!  Aren't you glad I fixed your face?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the meta!  Plain old picspam later.  I should get back to commenting on portfolios.  I am WAY behind, plus I owe a nice comment on the BRRL.  Jamie's new episode is great.
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In Sim news, I've been playing Uni.  I have some ideas for a plot involving at least some of the Pleasantview Sims.  I'm starting to enjoy stories with the Maxis pre-mades, and the gender reversal makes for some nice twists.  For example, I allowed Danielle to cheat on Marty Stu a bit because she already has, and she's clearly supposed to.  But while I feel a bit sorry for Mary Sue (she's within three days of elder when you open the lot, nowhere close to her career goals, about to get fired, and her husband is cheating on her), somehow Danielle cheating on Marty Stu is. . . funny?  That's probably awful and terrible and sexist of me.  

Here's the thing:  I never played the real Pleasantview before, so some of what's going on doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  I figure most of you have, and I thought I'd ask you guys some questions:   I'll use the original names, so it's clearer.

What is UP in Pleasantview? )  

Anyway, I don't know when I can update next.  The work is going to snowball almost right away.  But I'm making time to Sim and I think I have some nice plot ideas.


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