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Here we are: A list of the stories in the Squeaky Clean Universe: All of them aren't live yet, I am working on it.

Right now I don't have linkbacks to my LJ entries either for commenting, or to Boolprop, should you choose. A work in progress, you may call it.

Current work:

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Dramatis Personae

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Prologomenon: A Most Unlikely Hero

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter One: Rightly to be Great

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter Two: A Mind Diseased

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter Three:  All the World's a Stage

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter Four: Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Wizards

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter Five: Aspera ad Astra

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter Six: King Cecil and the Dragon.

One offs: A Squeaky Clean Opera, although it ties into A Squeaky Clean Renaissance rather neatly: A Squeaky Clean Opera. 

Killers' Asylum, in which Cecil Goodytwoshoes is placed in an asylum with six NPC game killers

Killers' Asylum: Part I.
Killers' Asylum: Part II.

The co-written slash spinoff between DoctorSupremeNerd's The Vetinari Dualegacy. This is its one comm, currently hosted LJ.  It has much more mature content than SC; be warned.Reaper Child and Dr. Death: now at over 100,000 words long.
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 Dear Mom and Dad: )
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I was playing the Roman boys at college today.  I've been on a roll lately, partly because I have some plot ideas, and you know how it is:  you want to get some of them going before they go cold.  Worthing is Romance, and he has two bolts with the blond dormie who is Orikes' Lisa Trottier and Marina's Steia and De's--I forget?  (To me, of course, she's Cute Blond Chick #2.  Shallow characterizations:  don't knock them till you've tried them.)

I figured that since they were getting along and all bolty that I could try for a First Kiss for Worthing with her.  WRONG.  He was shot down, and I haven't seen that animation in forever.  If ever.  He was seriously bummed.  He didn't quite tank into Red Aspiration, but he was getting close.  I had him ask her on a date, and that worked ok.

Would you believe it, she shot him down two more times?  Maybe three.  She had "Kiss Worthing" and "Make Out With Worthing" in her want panel, but she wouldn't accept that first kiss.  

I'm re-reading Pseudo, and let's put it this way:  right now, she isn't my favorite Sim.  I briefly considered saying "I'm sorry, chica, but now you must die." But I held off for a little while.  I had Worthing end the date, and by then, the date meter was high enough that she kissed him goodbye  (which took care of the First Kiss thing, only by then he didn't care. )  Then I had him ask her on a second date, and all of a sudden he could do Romantic Kiss, Make Out, just about everything.  

I'm guessing that somehow, when the First Kiss failed, something became stuck?  Brilliant deduction, I know, but it's the only thing I can think of.
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In Sim news, I've been playing Uni.  I have some ideas for a plot involving at least some of the Pleasantview Sims.  I'm starting to enjoy stories with the Maxis pre-mades, and the gender reversal makes for some nice twists.  For example, I allowed Danielle to cheat on Marty Stu a bit because she already has, and she's clearly supposed to.  But while I feel a bit sorry for Mary Sue (she's within three days of elder when you open the lot, nowhere close to her career goals, about to get fired, and her husband is cheating on her), somehow Danielle cheating on Marty Stu is. . . funny?  That's probably awful and terrible and sexist of me.  

Here's the thing:  I never played the real Pleasantview before, so some of what's going on doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  I figure most of you have, and I thought I'd ask you guys some questions:   I'll use the original names, so it's clearer.

What is UP in Pleasantview? )  

Anyway, I don't know when I can update next.  The work is going to snowball almost right away.  But I'm making time to Sim and I think I have some nice plot ideas.

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 [ profile] peasant007  ran the Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test on her character Zane Devereaux, and was alarmed to see that he came up as a 91.  I think the test is flawed and the score was therefore artificially high, but just for larfs, I ran it on my character Cecil Goodytwoshoes.

Cecil scored a 21.  EDIT:  Whoops!  I forgot the De-Sueifiers!  20.

I wasn't all THAT surprised, but I thought I'd add a few comments, because some of this applies to Sims Stories in general.

Long. You've been warned. )

But most of the time, my characters in general have vices that match their virtues.  Sophia has a lot of energy and is very strong-willed; she's also a bit of a rebel and can get in trouble that way.  Is Lytton a quiet, studious, affectionate man who cares deeply about his family, or is he a geeky pushover with an overly idealistic view of human behavior?  Is Cecil admirably steadfast or irritatingly stubborn?  The behavior is the same, but what you think of it depends on who and where you are.
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I hoped [ profile] ahrubyblue might have a chance to see these before her big adventure! A big day, I think! It would have been even easier if I hadn't been so fussy about CC. Don't you hate it when you have the perfect outfit and it turns out to only work for Adult, but not Young Adult, or vice versa?

Elaine pictures! )
Now that they're all settled in, I'll be tossing a wedding for Ulysses and Doc Nerd, and I think Cecilia and Cecil will be heading off to Takemizu.

I have a lot of grading to do these days, along with preparing for the holidays, but I'm enjoying it and hope to have at least a short Uni post up soon, and a few reviews, including Doc Nerd's up tomorrow.
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My most recent heiress teened up! Here's Elaine.

I'll leave her Aspiration and LTW as a surprise for now.

I like her in the more normal clothing, but if her brothers are in medieval clothes, I'm kind of stuck.  On the other hand, I may wind up putting them in something--more Maxis, let's put it that way--and if I do, I have a bit more leeway.  Anyway, she's in pinky hearty stuff, no matter what, and luckily she looks good in it.

Parsifal and Gawaine have to go to college right away.  They are really, really close to aging to Adult--within three days, and that's really unusual for me.  The only reason I waited was for Elaine to be a teenager.  She has nearly all her scholarships, too, so probably she'll only spend the weekend at home and then go to college--long enough to have some fun, buy a cellphone, and get the Connections Perks from Daddy.  

Would someone be willing to extract Gen Nine for me?  I'm always a bit paranoid and I have a weird werewolf memory and that always makes me worried.  The only thing is that whoever does it will either have to have a game from before AL OR be able to  put the Sims up on the Exchange.  Saving Sims to file, at least as a SimsPack, means Macs can't install them.  

I've packaged the lots as files, and I removed all the CC except for the skins on Telemachus and Nausicaa.  I did that because I'm not sure what happens if you remove the custom skin off an alien.  Probably something dire and they'd probably have that skin with question marks or numbers all over.  

They're an interesting generation.  

I'm caught up on most legacies and getting there with the BRRL!  Can't wait!
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I have over two hundred pictures, so once I'm done sorting them out, I will be dividing them in half. It's not exactly going to be a Part 1 and Part 2, just 250 pictures is a lot.

What can you do, huh? I'm baking a pie. I figure that might help me, anyhow. And I've been playing. And . . .

well, here is Elaine.


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I've been playing a lot lately, actually, I'm just really, really sloooow. And of course I do not want to spoil anything, but I do have a few pictures of the Gen Nine kiddos that I thought you would enjoy.
Picspam! )

I don't know how soon an update will happen.  I've been crazy busy but I did want to get a bit done before school starts next week.  I've also decided to play some of the reverse-Pleasantview families.  What's the point of having them if you're not going to play them?--plus maybe some of the kids will hit it off with the Legacy kids or the Romans, and at this point, I might as well send some of them to college.  The neighborhood is practically brand new, so the character bloat has hardly started yet.

I'm also almost done with a super-sekrit project.

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Part 2 to follow in a day or two, but why make you wait?

Please comment on my Boolprop thread!
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 I'm going to get back to simming soon.  I've been blogging and other stuff and letting things slide (and also getting tight pants from too many calories.)  Last night, no kidding, I dreamed about Cecil.  He was in some kind of athletic contest with a guy half his age and refusing to pack it in.  There's probably a reason he's gone on to have a life of his own way out of my control: I think he's the most independent of my characters, and sometimes, frankly, he scares me.

So, because Cecil wants me to, probably because I left him on vacation, and because I'm not getting anything done, I am getting back to playing TODAY.  
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 Don't want to jinx anything, but I finally got to where I'm really, really ready to start tossing weddings and birthin' babeez!  So with the last free weekend I'm going to have for a while, I am going to do *exactly that.* There's already one baby on the way and I am betting it will be purty.  

The Roman weddings may happen a tad later.  But because the Exchange is all messed up, I might post some nice wedding shots on LJ anyway.  It's not exactly a *surprise* that Penelope is marrying Dinadan, and if there are pretty pictures, I don't see why I shouldn't share them.  I don't remember anyone ever saying "RAWRRR I SAW THAT PICTURE ON LJ" before.  The babeez, some of them anyway, might be a bit classified.

Hee, hee.
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I can't remember who started the post on what your "white whale" would be for Sims 2 CC. No surprise to anyone who has listened to my whining about it, it is, of course, CC wedding cakes that actually work.

And now! Thanks to eris3000 on MTS2, and thanks to [ profile] dicreasy and [ profile] dizzifulbliss , who let me know about them---

Wedding cakes that work!

"The whiiiite whaaaale!"

DANG, doesn't that look pretty? There are six different ones. There's even a *chocolate* one. MMM. And the same creator has a bunch of other wedding CC--tables (seen above) and arches and things of that sort that do not require Celebration Stuff!

You can set them for sale if you have Lord Darcy's and Numenor's mods--I checked, using (of course) Gilbert Jacquet as my guinea pig. You can't put them in the Decra-Chills because they are too big. But they really do actually work, as the following pictures of Rosie and Shane's second wedding will show.
Wedding and cake picspam! )Also, my unauthorized opinion on SimSecret this week--BO-ring.  Also confusing.  I have no clue what the rules are now--the same old nasty cracks seem to be ok, but the nicer ones like "I really love your stuff" aren't--even, confusingly, a Johnny and Ripp one that was a shade naughty but not more.  If Ripp/Johnny isn't a SimSecret, what the heck is?  
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So I have been working away on the rebuild, and I'm happy to say that I have most of my families and most of my lots in place. There are a few small details, such as Generation Eight mostly being teenagers, but mostly all those things are easily fixed. I'm not the greatest builder in the world, but even bad buildings can be made a bit better. So here's a guided tour to (some of) my new neighborhood.

lots of picspam. )

Hope you enjoyed these.  I'm pretty sleepy right now myself.  Pleasant dreams!

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While the rebuild is going along slowly, there are some fun things about it.

SHH!  If you know any of the details, don't give it away!

I'm an impatient builder, but even I can't resist the urge to make the legacy house look a bit nicer.
pictures! )

I'd love to show you some more, but that's classified for now.  Still, I have most of the Sims I need.  There are some things I still need to do, like building and fixing up businesses, but for now, I'm pleased.
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 I only noticed this recently, and I'm not sure what caused it, but it's something you may want to know about.

I've recently tried to install some Sims I've had before and gotten an error message: "This content requires Expansion Pack data that is not installed." I know in these cases that the Sim has no content from that Expansion Pack and has only been changed slightly--aged up, or the CC eyes have been changed. Either AL or M & G "updated" the Body Shop engine. So even Sims with NO content from that pack registers as "created with AL or M & G" and can't be installed by anyone who does not have that pack. I understand there was a similar problem with Pets. This is the sort of thing that annoys me with EA. I don't think it's right to create a situation where you can't add CC if you haven't installed a pack that isn't available and will never become available to you.

Di kindly remade Stanley by using Any Game Starter so she could use a pre-AL Body Shop. I know that's probably not an option for most people and I can understand if it's not something people want to do. I wouldn't have a clue myself how to make a Sim with a version of Body Shop prior to the one I have, or even if I could using a Mac.

Just thought y'all might like to know. I've considered installing Windows and arr'ing the whole flippin' pile of stuff, but I'm not very awesome about Windows and I'm not sure if I would have to uninstall my Mac versions. I'm not doing anything odd until my Legacy is done. But that's EA for ya: driving mild mannered professors to a life of crime.


SC Ethics

Apr. 4th, 2009 01:49 pm
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I've been wanting to say something about this for a while, and after Secret #30 on[ profile] simsecret , I thought now would be a good time.  For those of you who can't be bothered, it's mostly about how "misogynistic" and "puritanical" [ profile] dicreasy 's Legacy is, but it ends "at least you can't claim to be a feminist.  You either, PB."

Well, it's hard to respond to something that specific.  The narcissist in me is righteously pissed off to be tossed into an afterthought like that.  Moving along.

Yes, I do think of myself as a feminist.  I'm not going to back away from the "f-word."  All feminists don't agree about everything.  For example:  I think single-sex education really has a place.  I went to a largely female college and an all-female college in Britain and I think it was good for me.  Some people would think that's anti-feminist, because don't I want equal opportunity?  Oh, well.  I do strongly support LGBT civil rights, and I think that's pretty clear without getting all preachy. 

As for the ethics of SC:  if you really want to know. )
I don't like to get more specific than that.  I think that obvious morals are really dull, and I want different readers to be able to find something they can like and relate to.  Besides, I have to maintain SOME kind of mystery here.  I might get more explicit when SC is done, but right now I'm too busy resuscitating my neighborhood and my Legacy to do that. 



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