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Actual game shot!

As a special birthday bonus, I won't tell anyone what that puddle is yet!

Many happy returns of the day--


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Someone posted on MATY asking if it would be possible to create vampires like the ones in *Twilight*--sparkling, don't burn up in the sunlight, all that stuff. Well, of course, a Maxis vampire is going to have most of those vampire characteristics, like smoking in the sunlight and stalking with their arm over their face and saying "Blehhh!! The sun!!! I must flee!!!" With the exception of biting everyone in sight, I like those characteristics, but I still thought it was an interesting question, and of course. . .

Ulysses, this means you must become a sparklepire again.

More vamp skin experiments )CC links, in case you're curious:

Lyran default skins.
Eye Candy eyes and contacts.
Dylan TK's Vampire Paste.
Do I Dazzle You? Default.
Extreme Skins "Sparkling Flesh."
Bruno's Gemstone Eyes.

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OK, anyone who *doesn't* want to see some toddler pix and is afraid to be spoiled, don't click under the link.  Any or all of these might show up in a future chapter, so you've been warned.

Oh, sure you do. )

Penelope and Dinadan had their third, and it's a boy, so I'm still trying to figure out what to do.  I'm leaning towards waiting a few days and letting the two eldest enjoy their grandparents, now that they've all actually become friends. And then I will probably let Jack and Sophia move out.  They won't have to die, and that will free up two more chances for a girl, so it's a win-win.  If they *still* don't have a girl, then I'll be able to send the oldest two to college, and keep trying, but let's hope it doesn't come to that.  ARGH.  You can see why I like playing Achilles and Ulysses.  It's a nice break.  

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. . .to all of us who are October babies, including DocNerd, the Almighty Robinoli, and me (Halloween.)  For all of us, and especially for Robin (because I think she will like it) I am posting this picture of Ulysses. 

Happy birthday to us from a toymaking, lightbulb-hat-wearing teen vampire in a pirate outfit.



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