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Onwards for a bit less pink and squeaky and a bit more oddity.
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And now for a long-awaited wedding. . . 



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And now for a big bumper weddingpalooza!

And at last, it is time for a wedding that everyone has been waiting for seemingly forever.

Stay tuned for the rest of the update!

More this way   ---->>>

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Who knows when the Exchange will go back up, right? And I'm sure you'd like to see wedding pictures as much as I'd like to show them.

The rebuild, the switch of neighborhoods, now the Exchange, the first chapter in LJ format--it's all part of a series of SNAFUs, and not even the worst of them. And that is why this chapter of Squeaky Clean is called:

Squeaky Clean Legacy, 16.1: Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

In due time, Penelope proposed to Dinadan again, and all was in line for a set of long-delayed weddings.

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New chapter

May. 6th, 2009 01:18 pm
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 It's been a long time, I know, and there are many chapters I owe comments on.  But today I am giving two midterms, and I know my time will be limited after this.  So here is this transitional chapter:

Chapter 15.5: Goodbye To All That.
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  Which you can find here

You won't believe what held me up--other than work and making a tasty stew that involves coconut milk, lime juice, peanuts, and cilantro.  I got to a slide with a couple of Sims singing karaoke, and suddenly I knew *exactly* what they ought to be singing.  Unfortunately, it's a Brazilian tango, and I can't find a translation, and I don't even really speak Portuguese.  So I came up with a cruddy adaptation that doesn't really capture the real thing, especially not the tango meter, but it was about the best I could do.

I'm not sure this link will work, but if it does, you might understand why I picked it:  Noite Cheia de Estrelas

Sometimes I think I take this hobby too seriously.


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--which will be the last chapter before college.  I have all the pictures taken and selected.  They're more or less in order, too.  It's really a question of how I want to break up some of the plotty scenes, and how much I want to keep Max and Cecil from running away with the chapter.  I'm hoping that maybe an update will happen this weekend, and then I will be well into University over Turkey Day weekend.

I don't show much of the main house, because there isn't too much to show, to be honest.  Penelope rolls wants to skill and to go to work.  I spend more time trying to stop the grownups from doing things, like playing with tired cats, than anything else.  I'll probably get Achilles a nice date or two before college, but since he isn't going until Ulysses' junior year, there's plenty of time.  I'm also going to tweak his turnons and turnoffs, I think.  He is turned off by unemployed girls, which will make it tough for him at college. I may do a little business tour when the weekend hits the main house, just for some variety, but I don't think it will come into the update. 

But I did play the main house a bit more, to balance things out and establish Penelope a bit better as a character.  I wish so much I had Free Time for her.  I really can see her with a potter's wheel, for some reason.  And Achilles is quite the jock these days. 

As for Max, he teened up, and I'll leave you with this picture. 

I'm really busy, but I'm making time for some fun stuff, too.

Anybody know where I can get some nice recolors of the flower-and-cardigan dress with skimmers from Nightlife?  The one Sunny was in, and which Penelope is wearing as a recolor? I'm not having a lot of luck finding those for adults.



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