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Just wanted to say that Yima on GOS was kind enough to turn Astiee's Extreme Skin : Sparkling Flesh into a vampire default. She made one using Sussi's Mirror Gold eyes, which you can find here--

and one made so that your vamp keeps the original eye color (presumably you could add contacts to your tiny heart's content). You can find that here.

It does not, of course, keep said sparklepires from frying in the sun just like Maxis vampires. In fact, I found that with motive decay off, vampires won't fry, but they still smoke and cringe at the sun.

I could not wait to test drive these, but I thought poor Ulysses had suffered enough. The last time I made him into a sparklepire, he killed himself in the sun, and I think Doc is right: he was trying to tell me something. So I thought it would be nice to try them out on somebody more familiar.

Like Daniel Pleasant.Sparkle and die, Daniel! Sparkle and die! )So if you're interested, use them for Good or Evil, your own definition applies.  Still, I think the skins are pretty darned cool, and they look way, way better in game--they really do sparkle.  

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Someone posted on MATY asking if it would be possible to create vampires like the ones in *Twilight*--sparkling, don't burn up in the sunlight, all that stuff. Well, of course, a Maxis vampire is going to have most of those vampire characteristics, like smoking in the sunlight and stalking with their arm over their face and saying "Blehhh!! The sun!!! I must flee!!!" With the exception of biting everyone in sight, I like those characteristics, but I still thought it was an interesting question, and of course. . .

Ulysses, this means you must become a sparklepire again.

More vamp skin experiments )CC links, in case you're curious:

Lyran default skins.
Eye Candy eyes and contacts.
Dylan TK's Vampire Paste.
Do I Dazzle You? Default.
Extreme Skins "Sparkling Flesh."
Bruno's Gemstone Eyes.

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 I didn't get any sleep at all last night.  Some glitches and errors cropped up that had to be dealt with right away.  I spent all night fixing them.  Not panicking--fixing.  I was just afraid that if I went to sleep, I would forget what I had been doing. 7 am.  I'm wiped.  

Don't panic, in large friendly letters on the cover. )

And because it's boring to read a Sims glitch whine without pictures, have some minor picspam!  Consider it a teaser or a sidelight, what you will.

You may remember these guys.
I've been to a marvelous party. . .  )
Anyway, hope you enjoyed that!  The Uni households are in their final semester, and after a bit of dinking around, we're almost ready for some graduations and weddings.  There may be another chapter before the wedding one.  There are a few loose ends that it might be convenient to tie up separately, and a few amusing things, like Achilles doing a whole lot of makeovers. But I sure am ready for those weddings.  I can practically taste it.  
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Chances are I don't have to re-introduce this gentleman:
Sim Sparklepires ahoy! )

Sigh.  Back to work and doing a few crunches and trying to figure out how to exercise and not aggravate the darned tendons.
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I was reading that Sims 3 had been delayed and that they were intending to release it for PC and Mac simultaneously. There's a good deal of unhappiness on Boolprop from PC Simmers who had pre-ordered and were expecting it to come in a couple of weeks.

I can understand that. I probably wouldn't get it right away even if it were available for Mac; Seasons sat around uninstalled for months because I was too paranoid that it would break something. Parsimonious has an interesting report from the CC Creator's camp for Sims 3. It sounds as though they are promising that there will be some way to add new neighborhoods that will be released *after* the game itself is released, and they say it will be a month later. They also say there is some way to turn aging off, but they didn't say whether that would make it possible to manually age playable Sims a la Sims 2, or just that nobody would ever get old.

I'm not saying I'll *never* get it. I'll almost certainly let people who are more gung-ho try it out and find out what they like and don't, wait to see what kind of mods and CC are available.

To me, the *most* important thing is the creative community that's been built up, and frankly, the group of people in specific I've enjoyed collaborating with (aka "the evil Clique.") As long as I can keep reading and working with and enjoying the creative output and online friendship of those people, that's really all I care about. I really don't care whether Sims 3 incorporates Pes' Babby Roaster or not.

The search for multi PT hacks and alien skins goes on. I was really drawn to [ profile] simgaroop 's Multiple Multi PT hack on MTS2, here.  There certainly is a lot to choose from!   The colorful ones are very tempting, but I have the feeling I'll probably wind up with the simple-looking ones that use plain defaults. Less chance of accidentally deleted an essential skintone, and besides, they're almost all from the Broke family.  And the Goodytwoshoes are a very conservative family, in a lot of ways.  They probably would buy local. 

I'm thinking about fooling with my vamp and alien defaults.  I love my Vampire Paste, though Laverwinkle Sims has been down for days and I don't know why.  I was thinking about putting in RenSims Confutatis eyes for aliens, and I was thinking about either the Confutatis eyes for vamps or the Dumas defaults, but what I can't figure out is whether the Dumas can be used with the Confutatis vamp eyes or not.  I like having pale, not terribly blue-looking aliens now, but having the regular eyes show through and needing to use contacts is sort of a pain.  Or I could keep what I have. 

But overall, I think it makes sense to put in a multi PT hack if I want different-looking aliens with different-colored skin, rather than suddenly having a Pleasantview full of blue aliens.



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