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 A marriage has been arranged

And will shortly take place 

between Miss Lenore Midlock

and Mr. Zane Marius-Jacquet

The groom's father, Mr. Gilbert Jacquet of J'Adore Patisserie

plans an artery-clogging cake.
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Part 2 to follow in a day or two, but why make you wait?

Please comment on my Boolprop thread!
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I can't remember who started the post on what your "white whale" would be for Sims 2 CC. No surprise to anyone who has listened to my whining about it, it is, of course, CC wedding cakes that actually work.

And now! Thanks to eris3000 on MTS2, and thanks to [ profile] dicreasy and [ profile] dizzifulbliss , who let me know about them---

Wedding cakes that work!

"The whiiiite whaaaale!"

DANG, doesn't that look pretty? There are six different ones. There's even a *chocolate* one. MMM. And the same creator has a bunch of other wedding CC--tables (seen above) and arches and things of that sort that do not require Celebration Stuff!

You can set them for sale if you have Lord Darcy's and Numenor's mods--I checked, using (of course) Gilbert Jacquet as my guinea pig. You can't put them in the Decra-Chills because they are too big. But they really do actually work, as the following pictures of Rosie and Shane's second wedding will show.
Wedding and cake picspam! )Also, my unauthorized opinion on SimSecret this week--BO-ring.  Also confusing.  I have no clue what the rules are now--the same old nasty cracks seem to be ok, but the nicer ones like "I really love your stuff" aren't--even, confusingly, a Johnny and Ripp one that was a shade naughty but not more.  If Ripp/Johnny isn't a SimSecret, what the heck is?  
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Last night I woke up too early and decided I would skim around looking for nice CC for the wedding lot I was building, especially some good windows.  And here are the results.
Wedding lot picspam. . .  )

I did a lot of testing and building and fixing and moving.  The Caesars are now living in Orikes' Waterford Manor, so Diana will get to live in that splendid mansion with a game room.  I've got a house for Aubrey.

And now I'm in the mood to throw some weddings.


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I hinted that I was working on a special wedding community lot, and I think I mentioned that I got one of De's grandkids married.  So here is the photo album, partly as a present for De. Congrats on winning that prize!

I have a few glitches to work out, mostly on how to get the guests to come if they're not staying there.  There's no reason not to put one in your regular hood, though, and I thought it made a nice change from the usual wedding stuff.  It's entirely Maxis decorated, with a few things (like the lot debugger) that is easily removed, and a recolor on the wedding arch.  If people think they want it, I'll be happy to upload a CC free copy.

I have some more photos of birthday parties for the Mortimer branch of the family and of some of Marina's kids getting together.  One will come as a surprise, I think. 



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