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 I only noticed this recently, and I'm not sure what caused it, but it's something you may want to know about.

I've recently tried to install some Sims I've had before and gotten an error message: "This content requires Expansion Pack data that is not installed." I know in these cases that the Sim has no content from that Expansion Pack and has only been changed slightly--aged up, or the CC eyes have been changed. Either AL or M & G "updated" the Body Shop engine. So even Sims with NO content from that pack registers as "created with AL or M & G" and can't be installed by anyone who does not have that pack. I understand there was a similar problem with Pets. This is the sort of thing that annoys me with EA. I don't think it's right to create a situation where you can't add CC if you haven't installed a pack that isn't available and will never become available to you.

Di kindly remade Stanley by using Any Game Starter so she could use a pre-AL Body Shop. I know that's probably not an option for most people and I can understand if it's not something people want to do. I wouldn't have a clue myself how to make a Sim with a version of Body Shop prior to the one I have, or even if I could using a Mac.

Just thought y'all might like to know. I've considered installing Windows and arr'ing the whole flippin' pile of stuff, but I'm not very awesome about Windows and I'm not sure if I would have to uninstall my Mac versions. I'm not doing anything odd until my Legacy is done. But that's EA for ya: driving mild mannered professors to a life of crime.



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