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Here we are: A list of the stories in the Squeaky Clean Universe: All of them aren't live yet, I am working on it.

Right now I don't have linkbacks to my LJ entries either for commenting, or to Boolprop, should you choose. A work in progress, you may call it.

Current work:

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Dramatis Personae

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Prologomenon: A Most Unlikely Hero

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter One: Rightly to be Great

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter Two: A Mind Diseased

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter Three:  All the World's a Stage

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter Four: Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Wizards

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter Five: Aspera ad Astra

A Squeaky Clean Renaissance: Chapter Six: King Cecil and the Dragon.

One offs: A Squeaky Clean Opera, although it ties into A Squeaky Clean Renaissance rather neatly: A Squeaky Clean Opera. 

Killers' Asylum, in which Cecil Goodytwoshoes is placed in an asylum with six NPC game killers

Killers' Asylum: Part I.
Killers' Asylum: Part II.

The co-written slash spinoff between DoctorSupremeNerd's The Vetinari Dualegacy. This is its one comm, currently hosted LJ.  It has much more mature content than SC; be warned.Reaper Child and Dr. Death: now at over 100,000 words long.
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 [ profile] peasant007  ran the Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test on her character Zane Devereaux, and was alarmed to see that he came up as a 91.  I think the test is flawed and the score was therefore artificially high, but just for larfs, I ran it on my character Cecil Goodytwoshoes.

Cecil scored a 21.  EDIT:  Whoops!  I forgot the De-Sueifiers!  20.

I wasn't all THAT surprised, but I thought I'd add a few comments, because some of this applies to Sims Stories in general.

Long. You've been warned. )

But most of the time, my characters in general have vices that match their virtues.  Sophia has a lot of energy and is very strong-willed; she's also a bit of a rebel and can get in trouble that way.  Is Lytton a quiet, studious, affectionate man who cares deeply about his family, or is he a geeky pushover with an overly idealistic view of human behavior?  Is Cecil admirably steadfast or irritatingly stubborn?  The behavior is the same, but what you think of it depends on who and where you are.
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This won't tell you who Mr. Goodytwoshoes #8 is going to be.  It will, however, tell you why there are three contenders for Penelope's hand in marriage.

longish technical musing-- )

Anyway, if anyone else wants to do something like this, my advice (aside from simply, "don't"), is to try to have a reasonable pool of sims to pick from.  I may have to go shopping for some extra Romance, Pleasure, Pop and Fortune Sims.  I don't have a lot of those.  And leave yourself open to chance and random stuff.  That's where the good parts of Simming lie.

It may take a while for the next update, but I shot an important scene that amused me very much.  We'll see how it came out.



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